tesa Labtec GmbH

Our History

Founded as an independent start-up company, Labtec quickly became one of the leading drug delivery development companies in the transdermal patch and oral dissolvable films arena in Europe.

Nowadays, tesa Labtec forms the pharma business of tesa and offers comprehensive not only contract development but also contract manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry.
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  1. 1990


    Labtec Logo we deliver

    Foundation of „Labtec Gesellschaft zur technologischen Forschung und Entwicklung mbH“.

    Labtec was founded by Dr. Cordes, a former management board member of Schwarz Pharma AG and a pioneer in transdermal drug delivery.
  2. 2005



    Launch of a Fentanyl patch

    The fentanyl patch developed by tesa Labtec has conquered the European market. In Germany, by far Europe’s biggest market for fentanyl patches, the patch has become the number one selling product. The product is marketed by a number of reknown companies such as ratiopharm/Teva.
  3. 2008


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    Labtec is acquired by tesa SE

    tesa SE acquires “Labtec Gesellschaft für technologische Forschung und Entwicklung mbH” following its strategy to establish additional, technologically advanced lines of business. The competencies of tesa and Labtec are an optimum fit, especially in the area of the development of innovative coated therapy systems, which combine polymer chemistry and medical expertise.
  4. 2009


    acx clean room.jpg

    Opening of new manufacturing site in Hamburg

    With the opening of a state-of-the-art manufacturing fascility the company now offers contract manufacturing services for transdermal patches and oral films. The manufacturing operations start employing the latest coating and converting technologies in a clean room environment.
  5. 2010



    European Approval for Ondansetron Rapidfilm®

    The European regulatory authorities conclude the application procedure for the Ondansetron 4 and 8 mg Rapidfilm® and grant the market approval. It is the first prescription drug product ever approved in an oral dissolvable film form worldwide.
  6. 2012



    Additional European Approvals for Rapidfilm® products

    Market approvals for three additional Rapidfilm products are optained. The European authorities approve marketing authorizations for Zolmitriptan 2,5 and 5 mg Rapidfilm, Olanzapine 5, 10 and 15 mg Rapidfilm as well as for Donepezil 5 and 10 mg Rapidfilm. These oral dispersible films are indicated for the treatment of migraine attacks, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease, respectively.
  7. 2013



    tesa Labtec GmbH: all pharma operations under one roof

    Effective February 1st, 2013, all pharma operating units of tesa SE are consolidated in one company: tesa Labtec GmbH. An optimal structure to offer customers services out of one hand for all development and manufacturing needs is achieved.

  8. 2014


    New R&D Pilot Production Facility

    New R&D Pilot Production Facility

    With an investment of about USD 1 million, tesa Labtec has closed the gap between small-scale development and large-scale production. The new facility at the R&D site in Langenfeld, Germany, houses state-of-the-art pilot-scale production equipment operating under full cGMP conditions and enables an output of thousands of primary packed patches or films per hour.