Focus on transdermal systems and oral films

tesa Labtec is a drug delivery company with a specific focus on transdermal and topical patches (Transfilm®) as well as oral films (Rapidfilm® and Mucofilm®). A wholly owned subsidiary of tesa SE and part of the Beiersdorf group of companies, tesa Labtec represents the pharmaceutical business in a truly global family of companies offering „Solutions for Pharma“.
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Following a pure business-to-business strategy, tesa Labtec offers development services and manufacturing capabilities to the pharmaceutical industry. In close cooperation with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, we develop patches and oral films over the entire cycle from feasibility studies to large-scale manufacturing.

In addition, tesa Labtec has been developing patches and oral films on its own in order to license these products to pharmaceutical companies worldwide (“Internal Prototype Development”). One of the most successful developments originating from such an initiative is a transdermal patch containing Fentanyl. This product has been licensed to ratiopharm/Teva and is marketed in Europe very successfully.

Our business model:
Fentanyl patch - a transdermal systems (TDS) developed by tesa Labtec.
One of the leading drug delivery development companies in Europe
With more than 20 years of experience in the devopment of transdermal and topical patches, tesa Labtec today is one of the leading drug delivery development companies in Europe. Comprehensive expertise in the development of oral films gained over the last decade complements tesa Labtec`s capabilities to offer a broad technology portfolio to its customers:

  • Transfilm®: the state of the art technology for the development and manufactur of topical, buccal and transdermal patches, and
  • Rapidfilm®: the innovative technology for the development and manufacture of fast solving oral films, and
  • Mucofilm®: the most modern technology for the development and manufacture of sublingual and buccal films.

In close collaboration with its partners and licensees, tesa Labtec has created highly successful products for the market. The strengths of tesa Labtec are build upon the creativity, experience and commitment of its employees and are backed by international intellectual property rights and its proprietary technologies.