Contract Development

Comprehensive experience, know-how & innovative technologies

tesa Labtec has been developing patches and oral films for more than twenty years. Our comprehensive experience and know-how generated in numerous development projects is at your disposal, together with our proprietary patch and film technologies Transfilm®, Rapidfilm® and Mucofilm®.
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Do you own a proprietary molecule and wonder whether this molecule might be suitable for transdermal delivery? Are you considering a compound for the development of an oral film?

In a short period of time, and in close collaboration with your team, we can explore the feasibility and assess the chances of a full development program. In a timely manner and with full transparency, our experts can create an excellent market opportunity for you.
When developing film or patch products we follow a structured approach for each project accompanied by a professional project management.

We determine the goal of each project together with you and define milestones and interim targets during the development process. All results from experiments are presented and discussed within the joint project team on a regular basis, so that you have full transparency of the progress of your project. From a very first paper feasibilty up to the approval of the product, our expert team is ready to support you in all phases of a development project.

Our R&D site in Langenfeld, Germany, is a state-of-the-art facility with modern equipment for professional drug delivery development. The formulation department has direct access to all necessary development tools. Our in vitro testing group routinely performs Franz cell tests. The analytical laboratory can offer a broad range of pharmaceutical testing from method development and validation to long term stability testing for registration purposes. State of the art equipment and modern information technology ensure timely, reproducible results at reasonable costs.

Integrated quality assurance procedures and full cGMP compliance warrant reliable results. We have the full equipment and personnel qualifications for manufacturing of clinical trial supplies under cGMP conditions. Therefore, our LabFactory is able to provide our customers with CTS for even large phase II studies.

Our integrated service includes scale up and tech transfer activities which can also be accomplished in our manufacturing site, located in Hamburg.