tesa Labtec

Leader in buccal and sublingual film technology

tesa Labtec’s competencies are bundled in buccal and sublingual film products. Our coated, ultra-thin Mucofilm® allows a persistent adhesion to the mucosa that enables transmucosal drug delivery. Great advantages for patients and pharmaceutical companies result in an excellent opportunity for drug delivery.
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Buccal Patches


Drug delivery to the buccal mucosa or the gingiva

tesa Labtec's technology makes it possible for buccal patches to deliver drugs through the lining of the mouth (the buccal mucosa) and through the gums (the gingiva) providing a fast onset of the active ingredient.
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Buccal Film

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A great opportunity for systemic and local drug delivery

Buccal films are placed on the inside of the cheek enabling (local or) systemic drug delivery. Our Mucofilm® technology creates a thin mucoadhesive film that enables transmucosal drug permeation.
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Sublingual Film

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Sublingual Films: Immediate, systemic drug delivery

Sublingual films provide patients with quick relief and the industry with a great alternative for systemic drug delivery. Sublingual films are applied under the tongue, where the drug is absorbed rapidly by the mucosa, which is easy to permeate.
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