Drug delivery to the buccal mucosa or the gingiva

tesa Labtec's technology makes it possible for buccal patches to deliver drugs through the lining of the mouth (the buccal mucosa) and through the gums (the gingiva) providing a fast onset of the active ingredient.
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tesa Labtec is able to design "patches" to be applied to even more extreme parts of the body than skin or lip.

Buccal delivery of drugs offers several advantages compared to e.g. tablets. The drug becomes systemically available by direct uptake through the mucosa. The result is a nearly immediate onset of action. It also allows for a distinct dose reduction and causes fewer side effects. In contrast to the typical oral application, the treatment of a patient can be aborted by the removal of the patch at any time.

tesa Labtec develops platform technologies which allow the delivery of drugs either through the buccal mucosa or to the oral cavity. By specifically modifying the design of the carrier, the drug can be unidirectionally released to the buccal mucosa, both for local or systemic uptake, or to the oral cavity for local action.

Design intents of Labtec are directed to provide buccal systems that exhibit mucoadhesive properties upon contact with saliva, resulting in secure adhesion to the application site. The platform can be designed to either dissolve or to remain in its original form and lose adhesion after a certain period of time. The second option is intended to be removed from the oral cavity upon loss of adhesion.

One example of this versatile technology is PerioPatch. This gingival hydrogel patch was developed by tesa Labtec and Izun, and is marketed in the US to support soft tissue healing.

All our developments are supported by state of the art in-vitro models, such as e.g. fully automated Franz cell mucosa permeation.