A great opportunity for systemic and local drug delivery

tesa Labtec's Mucofilm® not only offers great advantages for the patients but also for pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to more than 24 years of experience in the development and manufacture of oral thin films, we can offer our customers a wide range of services.
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Buccal films are placed on the inside of the cheek enabling (local or) systemic drug delivery. Our Mucofilm® technology creates a thin mucoadhesive film that enables transmucosal drug permeation.

Buccal delivery of drugs offers several advantages compared to tablets, for example. The drug becomes systemically available by direct uptake through the mucosa. The result is an almost immediate onset of action and prompt relief. Less metabolites due to reduced first-pass effect. This allows for a marked reduction of the applied dose and causes fewer side effects. Our Mucofilm technology opens up completely new possibilities for molecules with low bioavailability.

tesa Labtec is able to design buccal films with single or multiple layers in varying thicknesses that can incorporate different actives. By specifically modifying the design of the carrier, the drug can be unidirectionally released to the buccal mucosa, both for local or systemic uptake, or into the oral cavity for local action. tesa Labtec’s buccal systems exhibit mucoadhesive properties upon contact with saliva, resulting in secure adhesion to the application site. Mucofilms can be designed to either dissolve or to remain in its original form.

In addition, size, taste, color and shape can be varied according to customer’s wishes. Mucofilms® are precise in dosing, easy to apply, handle and store.

tesa typically uses compendial excipients that are biocompatible, and non-toxic, hence providing completely safe carrier systems.

Our experience, gained over more than 24 years of developing transdermal and oral drug product, helps to provide individual solutions for our customers.