Sublingual Films: Immediate, systemic drug delivery

Sublingual films provide patients with quick relief and the industry with a great alternative for systemic drug delivery. Sublingual films are applied under the tongue, where the drug is absorbed rapidly by the mucosa, which is easy to permeate.
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Sublingual films are applied under the tongue. Systemic drug delivery is achieved by the diffusion of the active through the ventral surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. The easily perfused mucosa ensures an almost immediate onset of action. Thus, the onset is typically much faster compared to classical oral medication.
Sublingual films improve the side-effect profile because the active ingredient is not metabolized in the liver. In addition, potential drug degradation due to a low pH within the gastrointestinal system or gastric enzymes can be avoided. These benefits can be optimized by designing the carrier to release the drug unidirectionally.

tesa Labtec has designed its own systems to test and evaluate sublingual permeability in-vitro. We have established standardized test procedures, which run on a routine basis in our labs utilizing ex-vivo porcine mucosa. In addition to straightforward lab feasibilities, our R&D site is fully equipped to offer the full-range of development activities including clinical trial supplies to our customers. With years of experience in the development and manufacture of oral thin films, we can offer our customers with the entire range of services.

tesa typically uses compendial excipients that are biocompatible, and non-toxic, hence providing completely safe carrier systems.

Our experience, gained in over more than 24 years of developing transdermal and oral drug product, helps to provide individual solutions for our customers.