Innovation by Reformulation

The pharmaceutical industry acts in a complex environment determined by market competition, high regulatory hurdles, uncertain reimbursement and threat by generic competitors. Developing new chemical entities and launching new products requires extensive resources always accompanied by the risk of failure.
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The underlying idea of "Innovation by Reformulation" and this life cycle management concept is simple. Use one of your existing products and reformulate it into an oral dissolvable film.

This conversion provides many advantages in comparison to the development of a new product:

  • Product differentiation
  • Prolonged exclusivity (new patents/IP)
  • Defense against generic competition
  • Added Product Value
  • Maintenance of brand value
  • Using existing data and know how
  • Lower development costs
  • Shorter development time and thus short time to market
  • Lower development risk
  • Access to new patient segments

Our Offer: Rapidfilm® and Mucofilm® technology as well as contract services
Our company is a specialist in the development and manufacture of oral films (Rapidfilm® and Mucofilm®). tesa Labtec was the first company ever to be granted a Rx ODF approval. Up to now we have developed four Rapidfilm products and obtained European market approval for these films.

Subject to our long term experience and capabilities paired with our technology and IP we are able to present the following to you:
Life Cycle Solutions
Life Cycle Solutions search
Life Cycle Solutions
Our service “Life Cycle Solutions” comprises the analysis of a single product as well as an entire product portfolio in order to identify feasible candidates for a reformulation.
Contract Development
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Contract Development
Once a candidate is identified and the physico-chemical properties open the possibility for an oral film development we can carry out the entire “Contract Development” on your behalf.
Contract Manufacturing
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Contract Manufacturing
As we offer a one stop solution for the reformulation of a product, we can also carry out the “Contract Manufacturing” of the final product for the market.