Oral film technology:
an innovative form
of oral medication

tesa Labtec's Rapidfilm® is an innovative oral dosage form that offers strong advantages to patients and combines the convenience of a liquid with the stability and dosing accuracy of a tablet. We offer this technology accompanied by our development and manufacture expertise to our customers.
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A Rapidfilm® is a very thin film which is applied in the mouth. It is based on water soluble polymers. Our films typically have a size of 3-9 cm2 and provide a thickness between 50 and 500 µm. The design can vary from single to multi layer systems.

The main advantages of a Rapidfilm® are:

  • Easy application - no swallowing difficulties and therefore high acceptance by elderly and children
  • No beverages necessary for intake
  • The film cannot be spat out
  • Risk of Aspiration reduced
  • Ideal „take-away medicine“
  • Area proportional dosage form allowing for numerous different doses from one base laminate

tesa Labtec was the first company ever to be granted a Rx ODF approval. Up to now we have developed four Rapidfilm products and obtained European market approval for these films.
Labtec's Rapidfilm® is an oral dissolvable film (ODF)
Labtec's Rapidfilm® is an oral dissolvable film (ODF) search
The orodispersible Rapidfilm® works like a conventional or orodispersible tablet. The film is placed on the tongue and dissolves within a few seconds. The active ingredient is swallowed together with the saliva and takes the same route as a tablet via the liver where the drug is metabolized.

Depending on whether the drug shall become effective within seconds or only after hours, tesa Labtec offers a broad variety of formulation alternatives in order to meet our customer’s individual need. So a fast onset as well as a slow release form of a Rapidfilm can be offered. Since many drugs do not provide a convenient taste, tesa Labtec is also capable in masking the taste of the active ingredient.

Moreover, an oral dissolvable film can also be an attractive dosage form for an already existing product offering the stated advantages and limiting risks and costs for the development of a new Rx or OTC product. For more information please browse to our reformulation service: