Expertise in patch development

tesa Labtec is specialised in the development of different types of patches. Using our Transfilm® technology we can develop topical, transdermal as well as buccal patches. The broad technolgy platform allows the development of various patches in many indications for the Rx and the OTC sector.
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Transdermal Systems (TDS)


A specific dose of medication delivered through the skin

A transdermal patch or transdermal system (TDS) is a medicated adhesive patch that is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of drug through the skin and into the bloodstream.
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Topical Patches


A safe way of administering a locally active drug

Topical patches deliver drugs to a local site of action. This convenient and safe way of administering a drug offers considerable advantages over gels, ointments and creams, and is generally extremely well received by patients.
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Buccal Patches


Drug delivery to the buccal mucosa or the gingiva

tesa Labtec's technology makes it possible for buccal patches to deliver drugs through the lining of the mouth (the buccal mucosa) and through the gums (the gingiva) providing a fast onset of the active ingredient.
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