Contract Development

Highly specialized from start on dermal and transdermal patches as well as oral thin films, tesa Labtec has more than 25 years of experience in developing those dosage forms. Our comprehensive experience and know-how generated in numerous development projects is at your disposal.

Whether you have just a hunch to look into different dosage forms, a special idea in mind, like a certain API or the need for an improvement of an already existing formulation. A dedicated team of specialists will evaluate your request, advise you with state of the art knowledge and provide you with a sophisticated project outline and calculated budgets necessary to bring your project to life.

The development site in Langenfeld is equipped with the latest technologies to develop and analyze patches and oral thin films. Whether it is a question of product composition and design, small scale manufacturing, pilot scale manufacturing or the analytical testing, we can offer highly skilled and experienced specialists to develop products compliant to all current European and US guidelines.

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