Considering the many changes affecting our industry, we fully comprehend your need for end-to-end services and are available as your reliable partner - always BY YOUR SIDE - FROM IDEA TO MARKET.


We have the necessary expertise regarding patch and oral thin film, which allows us to develop product ideas together with our customers and provides you with advantages for all stakeholders.

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Intellectual Property

As tesa Labtec’s customer, we provide you with all services for the development of the right IP strategy for your product. 
In this regard our formulation team is experienced and furthermore we will supported by the renowed  Patent Attorneys KSVR
(König, Szynka, Tilmann, von Renesse) with offices in Düsseldorf and Munic.
We are BY YOUR SIDE with a strong partner when we it comes to intellectual Property.

“Based on the experience of three generations of patent lawyers and the creativity of completely different individuals with completely different background we design strategic patent portfolios, enforce IP vigorously against infringers and defend the rights of our clients excessively. The key to our success is the continued exchange of ideas and – we like to think out-of-the-box”   

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Feasibilities & Formulation Development

Our development capability is exceptional, not only in formulation but also in analytical services and project management. tesa Labtec has a long history, vast experience and proven track record in successful patch and oral film development.

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Regulatory support, clinical trials & authorities

Our network or your network - whatever fits your needs.

Process Development, Scale Up & Manufacturing.

Expertise, flexible batch sizes, pilot scale manufacturing (LabFactory, e.g. for clinical trials), scale-up and commercial manufacturing capability are our assets for your success.

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Launch Support & Customer Management

Our project management is always by your side. Launches will be planned just as professionally as the entire customer management will assist you during the entire project phase.